Know how your entire business is tracking

Understanding how your business is performing against the competition is an important part of your business success.

Track your franchise performance in real time

You want to effectively manage suppliers, payroll and keep an eye on KPI’s and financial performance.

Private Connect gives you that. Our cloud accounting platform allows you to track your franchise performance in real-time. Allowing you to monitor and understand how your business is performing and empowering you to take action where it counts.

A unified overview of your business

The Connect platform provides a unified overview of your business, giving you more time to focus on developing your staff and growing your business.

As a franchise or business network owner, you can be assured your networks are following the same back office processes while you maintain an overview of business activity.

Scale up your business

Your expert advisor will be able to help you scale up your business and analyse business intelligence data to guide you towards future growth.

The tools to support franchisors and business networks

We understand the business needs of franchisors and have developed a tailored solution which can give you benchmarking across all franchisees.

Service plans we recommend for your business


Transform your business and get an accountant to look after your tax compliance requirements.


Free up time and make an impact in your business by outsourcing your financial function.